“SOYUZ Concert”

Agency of large events organizations

  • LAV Brand  is the official partner of advertising integration for 90% of all concerts in Oryol.
  • Tickets for Max Korzh were sold for a total amount of more than 2 million rubles in one day.
  • We organized the performances of famous russian singers Grigory Leps, Philip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak, Artik & Asti, LITTLE BIG, Yegor Creed, Zivert, Aria, Mot, Stas Mikhailov, etc.
  • We effectively manage the company’s social networks.
  • We created and set up effective targeted and contextual advertising.
  • Also we created a new corporate style.


“The world’s drums”

International festival “The world's drums”


Electrolysis studio "Silk"

“Sushi Plus”

Sushi delivery service


Start up of Phone repairment shop an innovational protective screen film

Medical center “Doverie”

Medical center


Beauty salons