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This is how a client becomes a regular client and recommends our services to one’s colleagues.
This is why going viral is the main source of our clients.

Why  choose us?

Just few reasons why you should work with us:

An experience

Thanks to experience, knowledge observing new modern solutions, we give out the best maximum result.


Attentive to wishes customer. We know how to hear and listen at all stages cooperation.

Affordable prices

You will always know why pay, because we provide all reports on the work done. We sell our services without overpayments and hidden surcharges.


Attentive to wishes. We use to be responsible and seek necessary in their work result. Your success is our guaranteed quality work.

We offer.


Our articles, in which talk about our line of business

Instagram Stories: Get interested in less than 15 seconds.

Let’s talk first about tips, or so-called life hacks,...


Result is extremely important to us.

Поэтому перед тем, как начать работу, мы предлагаем обсуSo before we start any work on your project we will discuss it  – it is free of charge:

  1. We will set the achievable targets that will reach using digital-marketing.
  2. We will offer you the most effective tools to attract customers via the internet..
  3. We will answer any question that you may have.

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    “SOYUZ Concert”

    Agency of large events organizations

    “The world’s drums”

    International festival “The world's drums”


    Electrolysis studio "Silk"

    “Sushi Plus”

    Sushi delivery service


    Start up of Phone repairment shop an innovational protective screen film

    Medical center “Doverie”

    Medical center

    Our team.

    Talented people work every day to provide the best service possible and make our client satisfied and content.

    My name is Rustam

    The main Rockstar

    • Creator of over 200 sites.
    • In cooperation with the VKontakte administration.
    • Winner of a diploma from Moskow State University M.V. Lomonosov.


    Co-founder and head of design projects

    • Marketing Director of the "Hairdresser 606" project.
    • 8 years of experience as a graphic designer.
    • 6 years of experience as a marketer.


    Founder of a marketing agency

    • More than 3 years in the promotion of public events.
    • 3 years of experience in the field of business process automation.
    • 8 years of experience as a marketer.


    Project manager

    • 3 years of experience in management positions.
    • Professional in Sales Funnel Analytics
    • Contextologist
    • Researcher of new technological solutions


    Content manager


    Senior Fullstack developer


    International Communications Manager


    Communications Manager




    Beauty Industry Content Manager


    Content Manager of Medical Directions


    IIn our marketing agency, we do not use hackneyed schemes and communication cliches. A new one is created for each project concept with full ommersion in business. This is how we find a zest that makes a certain client stand out from others.

    Building on this the concept of promotion and communication with consumers, we get explosive marketing, which gives result.

    Marketing agency “LavBrand” is the vanguard of your business on the battlefield for the client.
    We do not like others. We are winning.

    lavbrand advertising is stronger than others

    In there too much competition in your niche?
    Thinking about the impossibility of promoting your product and services?

    In our advertising agency they will find the point that will give the start the success of your business and push your competitors back.

    It’s time to firmly declare yourself and start selling even in a busy and narrow-minded niche. The team of the agency “LavBrand” will analyze the strengths of your proposal and find for you clients. Please contact.