Instagram Stories: Get interested in less than 15 seconds

Let’s talk first about tips, or so-called life hacks, that will help you increase your reach. 

  1. Share up to 5 stories a day. This keeps your audience by over 70%. But don’t just post images. From experience, we can say that video messages are viewed up to 38% more often. 
  2. Don’t forget about hashtags and geotags. Yes, yes, and in stories too! Stories with geo-tags are 79% more attracted to users.
  3. If there is not enough coverage at all – advertising. The most effective way to find your target audience. 

Now let’s get back to the story ideas.

What influences the ranking of stories? 

User activity. Replies, transitions, comments, etc.

Because the more interesting your story, the more users have interacted with it, the higher it will rise. 

  • Polls. 

Surveys can be easily and simply implemented in any field. Whether it is a car service, cosmetics, clothing, etc.

  • Tests. 

Slightly harder than polls. Here, users answer the question by choosing the desired option, and immediately see the correct answer. 

This tool can also be used to better understand the interests of your audience. 

  • Questions. 

Do you want to enter into a dialogue with subscribers and make them talk? In this case, a widget with questions is what you need. 

After all, a talkative user is half a brand advocate.

  • Reactions.

The set of emojis that subscribers use in replies to stories are called reactions. 

Usually they are left in the comments under the posts, but sly bloggers have figured out how to turn emoticons into one of the strongest activations in stories. 

For example, send a funny smile if the day went well, or sad if it was bad.

This method is great at raising reach. 

  • Game: find excess 

A very simple and easy-to-play game. However, despite its simplicity, it causes quite a stir among the subscribers. People write to direct to tell about your message. In return, you can give people a discount, or any other surprise from your business. Reaches are growing at a breakneck pace. 

  • Game: catch me

This is an animated story. The point is to catch the image in an outline. You can catch anything like that: bonuses, discounts, gifts. 

  • Game: spot the difference

A great simple game for interacting with the audience. You can offer to send it to you in a directory, or you can get an answer in the form with a question. 

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